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Close, but Not Too Close

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A Law Unto Itself

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Salesman of doom

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Worm in the Sunni Apple

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Epitaph to Unipolarity

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L’etat, C’est Moi

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Legend of Arabia

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A Systems Solution to the Middle East

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East Asia’s Black Sheep

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The Globalisation of Terror

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For Reasons of State

Asia Times, November 5th 2005

Might versus right

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In the Heart of a Volcano

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Timeless Wisdom, Heedless World

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Conflict Kaleidoscope

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Diehard Legionnaires

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Astral Politics

Current Science, July 25th 2005

God’s Madmen

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Passage to Stephania

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Spymaster’s Pandora’s Box

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Dauntless Journalism

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Himalayan Dilemma

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The Road to Amity

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More Than Just a Game

Asia Times, March 4th 2005

The Soul of a City

Asia Times, February 19th 2005

Dialogue for Development

Asia Times, January 22nd 2005

Crusade for Monoculture

Asia Times, December 25th 2004

Two Villages and an Elephant

Asia Times, December 16th 2004

Egressing Iraq: Why and How

Bharat Times, November 1st 2004

Real American Fizz

Asia Times, November 11th 2004

A Dream Gone Sour

Bharat Times, February 1st 2004

First Nation Tragedies

Asia Times, October 23rd 2004

Demilitarise or Perish

Asia Times, September 3rd 2004

Future Shock

Asia Times, August 6th 2004

The Rise of India’s ‘IT Paradise’

Asia Times, July 30th 2004

The Inscrutable Indians

Asia Times, June 12th 2004

The Kashmir Conundrum

Asia Times, May 22nd 2004

Tomorrow Never Dies

Asia Times, May 6th 2004

WTO Fault Lines

Asia Times, March 31st 2004

Honey, He Trashed the Bushes!

Asia Times, February 28th 2004

Pakistan’s Beirut

Asia Times, January 17th 2004

Nehru’s Overlooked Legacy

Asia Times, January 10th 2004

The Hare and the Tortoise

Asia Times, December 6th 2003

Calculated Hospitality

Asia Times, November 1st 2003

Enigma Decryption

Asia Times, October 4th 2003

Democracy and Mobocracy

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Mammon’s Cesspool

Asia Times, September 5th 2003

An Intellectual Among Journalists

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Indian Democracy Imperilled

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Dissecting an Assassination

Asia Times, July 26th 2003

Exposition of Revolutionary Terror

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Minority Rule, Majority Hate

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Wilsonian Idealism Reconsidered

Asia Times, May 3rd 2003

The Curse of the Poppy

Asia Times, April 25th 2003

Afghanistan: The Lost Homeland

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Americans are from Mars, Europeans from Venus

Asia Times, March 28th 2003

Pakistan: The World’s Next Failed State?

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A Soulful Journey

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A Korean Exit Strategy for the US

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Tibet. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

World Tibet Network News, January 17th 2003

Master Strategist or Master Crook?

Asia Times, January 11th 2003

September 11 and the American Journo

Asia Times, December 14th 2002

Reclaiming Burma

Asia Times, November 30th 2002

Globalising Poverty, IMF Style

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‘Mrs.R’ and the Human Rights Scripture

Asia Times, November 1st 2002

Beyond Administering Misery

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance, October 2002

Anatomy of Islamism

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Osama’s Universe

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The Colossus of Cricket

Asia Times, October 5th 2002

Friend of India. Friend of the World

Asia Times, September 28th 2002

India & Pakistan: The Ever-Ever Antagonism

Asia Times, September 13th 2002

A History of Helping the Displaced

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Kashmiri Hindus in the 21st Century

Kashmir Herald, June 2002

Struggles of the Invisible Refugees

Asia Times, August 17th 2002

(Also in Journal of Humanitarian Assistance, September 2002)

Sculptors of Silicon India

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Kashmir: The Unforgotten Tale

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Remembering an African Martyrdom

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Religion as War

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Between Life and Afterlife

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Perfidious Albion and the First Kashmir War

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The Technology of Genocide

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Science for Humanity or Profit?

Economic and Political Weekly of India, April 27th 2002

(Also in the March Edition of Current Science)

Dragon Versus Peacock

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The Reason for War was War, February 2nd 2002

India as a World Power

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Skewed Portrait of India’s Iron Lady

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Reminiscences of the Silent Chanakya

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The Missile Man Remembers

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Imagined Communities in a Shaky Subcontinent

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Indian and Pakistani Nukespeak

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Pakistan. Quo Vadis?

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Dr.Strangelove of Iraq

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