Moderating Politics in Age of Extremes

Hindustan Times, July 16, 2024

परस्पर हितों वाली मैत्री

दैनिक जागरण, जुलाई १०, २०२४

How WikiLeaks Shook Up the Western World Order

Hindustan Times, June 27, 2024

Election Setback Will not Sway Modi from Agenda of Change

Nikkei Asia, June 5, 2024

Chabahar is a Metaphor for Strategic Autonomy

Hindustan Times, May 30, 2024

भारतीय लोकतंत्र को लांछित करने का अभियान

दैनिक जागरण, मई १, २०२४

Why Modi Towers Over Opponents in India’s Elections

Newsweek, April 17, 2024

Quad Needs a Security Thrust to Restrict China

Hindustan Times, April 5, 2024

आम आदमी के सरोकार साधती विदेश निति

दैनिक जागरण, मार्च २१, २०२४

Navalny’s Death, a Crisis Moment for Democracy

Hindustan Times, March 1, 2024

भारत-अमीरात की बेमिसाल जोड़ी

दैनिक जागरण, फरवरी १५, २०२४

US Preoccupation with Iran is to China’s Benefit

Hindustan Times, February 11, 2024

फ्रांस जैसा दोस्त न दूजा

दैनिक जागरण, जनवरी २७, २०२४

Mapping India’s Rise as a Civilisational State

Hindustan Times, January 11, 2024

भारत क्यों मायने रखता है

दैनिक जागरण, जनवरी ९ , २०२४

Israel Requires a Fresh Approach with Palestine

Hindustan Times, October 9, 2023

दुनिया के लिए खतरा बनता चीन

दैनिक जागरण, सितम्बर २९, २०२३

IMEC Promises New Model of Globalisation

Hindustan Times, September 18, 2023

वैश्विक परिवर्तन का सूत्रधार बनता भारत

दैनिक जागरण, सितम्बर ८, २०२३

Facing China at BRICS, India Stands its Ground

Hindustan Times, August 25, 2023

Exercise Caution on Plans to Expand BRICS

Hindustan Times, August 3, 2023

NATO Expansionism Could Seed Instability

Hindustan Times, July 16, 2023

Wagner’s Attempted Coup Flags Risks for Russia’s Strongman

Hindustan Times, June 26, 2023

India-US Defence Ties Can be a Game-Changer

Hindustan Times, June 8, 2023

मोदी ने बदली भारत की वैश्विक छवि

दैनिक जागरण, मई ३१, २०२३

G7 and Quad are Finally Taking China Head On

Hindustan Times, May 24, 2023

Pak’s Terror Factory is Exposing SCO’s Limits

Hindustan Times, May 7, 2023

India’s Re-Emergence as a Leader of Global Buddhism

Hindustan Times, April 21, 2023

India-Russia Ties are Facing a Long-Term Conundrum

Hindustan Times, April 7, 2023

चुनौती बनते विदेश में पलते खालिस्तानी

दैनिक जागरण, मार्च २४, २०२३

The Glaring Paradox of Xi Jinping as Peace Mediator

Hindustan Times, March 17, 2023

How India can Expand Hindi’s Global Footprint

Hindustan Times, February 27, 2023

दुनिया के लिए संकटमोचक बनता भारत

दैनिक जागरण, फरवरी १५, २०२३

Controlling Gun Crimes Needs Social Reset in US

Hindustan Times, February 4, 2023

वैश्विक शक्ति केंद्र के रूप में उभरता भारत

दैनिक जागरण, जनवरी १७, २०२३

Getting to Peace in Ukraine Needs Wisdom

Hindustan Times, January 9, 2023

Navigating a World of All-Round Weaponisation

Hindustan Times, December 26, 2022

After Tawang, Prepare for More Chinese Aggression

Hindustan Times, December 15, 2022

विश्व को दिशा देने का अवसर

दैनिक जागरण, दिसंबर ८, २०२२

Three Top Priorities for India as G20 President

Hindustan Times, November 24, 2022

As Brazil Turns Left, Will the New Era of Socialism Last?

Hindustan Times, November 2, 2022

Xi’s Quest to Solidify his Power Poses Grave Risks to the World

Hindustan Times, October 21, 2022

Ukraine: Putin is in an Unwinnable Quagmire

Hindustan Times, September 24, 2022

Mikhail Gorbachev: Traitor, Misfit or Soviet Visionary?

Mint, September 1, 2022

ध्वस्त हुए तालिबान में सुधार के दावे

दैनिक जागरण, अगस्त १७, २०२२

Why US-China Tensions May Lead to Strategic Instability

Hindustan Times, August 4, 2022

Rishi Sunak’s Rise Signifies the Arrival of the Indian Diaspora

Nikkei Asia, July 31, 2022

नई सुबह की प्रतीक्षा में श्रीलंका

दैनिक जागरण, जुलाई १२, २०२२

Asia’s Radical Conservative

The Economic Times, July 9, 2022

BRICS Shows its Usefulness, Despite Clear Limitations

Nikkei Asia, June 23, 2022

Counterpunch Diplomacy

The Week, June 19, 2022

दोहरे चरित्र वाला इस्लामी सहयोग संगठन

दैनिक जागरण, जून ८, २०२२

सामरिक सक्रियता बढ़ाए क्वाड

दैनिक जागरण, मई २५, २०२२

The China-Pakistan Alliance May Lead to More Violence, Terror

Hindustan Times, May 5, 2022

संकटग्रस्त पड़ोसी देशों का सहारा बना भारत

दैनिक जागरण, अप्रैल १६, २०२२

From Russia, With Love?

The Economic Times, March 16, 2022

जंगलराज वाले दौर में दुनिया

दैनिक जागरण, मार्च १, २०२२

New Delhi’s Stance on Europe’s Crisis is Just About Right

Mint, February 24, 2022

क्यों कायम है मोदी की लोकप्रियता

दैनिक जागरण, जनवरी २८ , २०२२

‘The Last Chance Before the Explosion’

Russia Today, January 22, 2022

Countering China’s ‘Infowar’

Hindustan Times, January 10, 2022

नए साल को सार्थक बनाने की चुनौती

दैनिक जागरण, दिसंबर ३१, २०२१

What the World Must Learn from its Mistakes this Year

Mint, December 28, 2021

This War for Independence Redrew South Asia Map, Reverberations Still Felt 50 Years On

Russia Today, December 16, 2021

Why India Sees Russia as a Unique Partner

Russia Today, December 7, 2021

विश्व पर मंडराता चीनी खतरा

दैनिक जागरण, नवंबर २७, २०२१

What did the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan Accomplish?

The Diplomat, November 12, 2021

Modi Articulated the Global South’s Position at CoP-26

Mint, November 3, 2021

पड़ोस में खौफनाक जिहादी लहर

दैनिक जागरण, अक्टूबर २१, २०२१

20 Years on, Why the Modi Juggernaut Keeps Rolling in India

Newsweek, October 6, 2021

चीन को चुनौती देने की तैयारी

दैनिक जागरण, सितम्बर २८, २०२१

अंतर्विरोध दूर करने की चुनौती

दैनिक जागरण, सितम्बर २०, २०२१

Malabar 2021 and Beyond: India’s Naval Pushback Against China

The Diplomat, September 9, 2021

In Spite of the Spite: An Indian View of China and India in BRICS

Global Policy Journal, September 2021

Afghanistan’s Boiling Alphabet Soup of Terrorist Groups

The Times of India, August 28, 2021

अमृत काल की विदेश नीति

दैनिक जागरण, अगस्त १७, २०२१

Will the Taliban Seize or Squander its Moment?

Russia Today, August 16, 2021

To Take on China, Rely on Diplomacy, Military, and Counter-Measures

Hindustan Times, August 10, 2021

साझा चिंता और तात्कालिक चुनौती

दैनिक जागरण, जुलाई २८, २०२१

How a Four-Minister MEA Could Amplify India’s Diplomatic Power

Mint, July 21, 2021

भारत विरोध पर आमादा पश्चिमी मीडिया

दैनिक जागरण, जुलाई ६, २०२१

A Hundred Years Later, the Chinese Communist Party is at the Crossroads

Hindustan Times, July 1, 2021

Will Iran’s New President Fuel Conflict or Make Deals?

Russia Today, June 21, 2021

Decoding the Washington-Moscow-Beijing Triangle

Hindustan Times, June 21, 2021

Biden’s Manichean Vision

The Hindu, June 14, 2021

The Case for Social Media to be Closely Regulated is Clear

Mint, June 11, 2021

Truth about COVID is Matter of Survival for China’s Communist Rule

The Week, June 13, 2021

Whose Israel and Whose Palestine?

Russia Today, May 20, 2021

Why the World is Standing With Us in Our Hour of Need

Mint, May 11, 2021

The Limits of American Liberalism

The Times of India, April 27, 2021

The Mission in Afghanistan is Far from Accomplished

Mint, April 22, 2021 

India-Russia Friendship is Too Pragmatic for US and China to  Ruin It

Russia Today, April 11, 2021

France and Sailing Toward the ‘Quad-Plus’

The New Indian Express, April 6, 2021

Taming the Dragon

The Economic Times, March 21, 2021

Vaccine Diplomacy is India’s Finest Hour

The Asian Age, January 29, 2021

After the Trumpian Deluge, What?

The Economic Times, January 9, 2021

New Year, New Vision

The Times of India, January 1, 2021

Indian-Made COVID Vaccines Will Save the World

Nikkei Asia, December 14, 2020

Winners Who Disappoint

The Hindu, December 2, 2020

Beyond the RCEP: India Matters in Indo-Pacific

The Asian Age, November 24, 2020

The ‘Quad’ is India’s Destiny

The Nationalist, November 2020

The Disunited States of America

The New Indian Express, November 11, 2020

For China, US Election is a Lose-Lose Affair

Nikkei Asia, November 3, 2020

If Biden Wins

The Economic Times, November 1, 2020

At 75, the UN Needs a Rebirth

The Hindu, October 23, 2020

Attitudes Toward China Harden Worldwide

The Epoch Times, October 22, 2020

Great Power, Little Responsibility

The Hindu, September 21, 2020

America’s Choice, India’s Options

The Times of India, September 8, 2020

Trump Card

The Economic Times, August 30, 2020

A Self-Reliant Foreign Policy

The Hindu, August 13, 2020

Crafting a Brave New Foreign Policy

The Times of India, July 28, 2020

The Club of Virus Deniers

The Hindu, July 14, 2020

Who Really Funded the Taliban to Kill Americans?

Russia Today, July 3, 2020

Stay in India, Study in India

The Times of India, June 22, 2020

Beijing’s Violent Rise Must be Checked

The New Indian Express, June 20, 2020

The E-Diplomacy Experiment

The Hindu, June 9, 2020

Winning Compensation from China for Coronavirus is a Long Shot

Nikkei Asian Review, May 22, 2020

Is India’s Corona Response Model Actually Working?

The Asian Age, April 30, 2020

Print Warriors on the Corona Frontlines

The Times of India, April 2, 2020

Why East beats West in the War against Coronavirus

Russia Today, March 27, 2020

Temples of Critical Thinking and Debate

The Hindu, March 14, 2020

Can Globalisation Survive the Corona Shock?

The Asian Age, March 12, 2020

Trump is Baahubali?

The Times of India, February 25, 2020

Trump’s India Visit will Disappoint Modi’s Expectations

Nikkei Asian Review, February 21, 2020

Coronavirus is China’s Huge Political Failure

The Asian Age, February 5, 2020

The Final Frontier

The Times of India, January 25, 2020

The Centrality of Vietnam for Stability in Asia

Vietnam News, January 13, 2020

Indian Foreign Policy: The Quest for Greatness

The SAGE Handbook of Asian Foreign Policy, November 2019

Balancing the Strategic Gains Made with US

Mint, December 20, 2019

Trump’s ‘America First’ Opportunity for India

The Asian Age, December 11, 2019

“Trumping” the World

The Globalist, November 17, 2019

Why India Walked Away from Asia’s Mega Free Trade Deal

Channel NewsAsia, November 7, 2019

Terror after Baghdadi

The Times of India, October 29, 2019

Tough Stance

The Economic Times, October 27, 2019

India: The Western Media’s Infowar Target

Russia Today, October 24, 2019

China & India Aren’t Friends— But…

Russia Today, October 12, 2019

The Trump Modi Tango

The Times of India, September 24, 2019

India-Russia Eternal Friendship Takes a Pacific Turn

Russia Today, September 5, 2019

Pakistan Will Regret Stirring up Sikh Nationalism in India

Nikkei Asian Review, September 3, 2019

Super Power

The Economic Times, August 18 2019

Operation Kashmir: Has Modi Checkmated Pakistan?

Russia Today, August 6 2019

Global Collaboration Will Improve India’s Mitigation Initiatives

Mint, July 24 2019

Cricket World Cup Highlights South Asia’s Fault Lines

Nikkei Asian Review, July 12 2019

Discordant Notes

The Economic Times, June 30 2019

Modi Doctrine 2.0: Get Set, Go

The Asian Age, June 6 2019

The Stunning Invincibility of Narendra Modi in India’s Elections

Channel NewsAsia, May 24 2019

Foreign Policy Gives Modi the Edge in India’s Elections

Russia Today, May 16 2019

A Wrong Kind of Resurrection

The Economic Times, April 22 2019

How Modi Shifted the India-Pakistan Paradigm

Russia Today, March 2 2019

India Versus Pakistan in the Court of Global Opinion

Nikkei Asian Review, March 2 2019

Battle on Many Fronts

The Economic Times, February 17 2019

Here Comes AfPak 2.0

The Economic Times, January 30 2019

Modi’s All Hands on Deck Approach is a Novelty

Power Corridors, January 2019

Victory Strengthens Hasina’s Foreign Policy Hand

Nikkei Asian Review, January 8th 2019

Hope, Anxiety Loom in 2019, as World on Edge

The Asian Age, January 1st 2019

Withdrawal Symptoms

The Economic Times, December 23rd 2018

Huawei Case is a Clash of Economic Ideologies

The Asian Age, December 12th 2018

The G20 Needs Reinvention

The Times of India, November 29th 2018

A Brave New US Congress or Same Old Hypocrisy?

Russia Today, November 20th 2018

Sri Lanka Crisis: A Failure of Institution-Building and Nation-Building

BloombergQuint, November 1st 2018

An Asian Nexus

The Economic Times, October 28th 2018

Jamal Khashoggi’s Tragic End is a Wake-Up Call

CBC News, October 23rd 2018

Can Trump Halt China’s Rise to the Top?

Power Corridors, October 2018

Trump’s Willingness to Antagonize the World Triggers China-India Rapprochement

Russia Today, October 12th 2018

Modi Defies Trump to Edge Closer to Putin

Nikkei Asian Review, October 9th 2018

Hope and Peril in the Maldives

The Times of India, September 25th 2018

Dialogue with the Deaf

The Economic Times, September 23rd 2018

Can Democracy Still Deliver in a Restless World?

The Asian Age, September 18th 2018

‘Two-Plus-Two’ Doesn’t Make Four for India & the US

Russia Today, September 5th 2018

India Right to Spurn Foreign Disaster Relief

Nikkei Asian Review, August 29th 2018

Saudi Arabia is Using Canada to Test a Wobbling International Order

CBC News, August 13th 2018

India Alarmed by Imran Khan Victory in Pakistan

Nikkei Asian Review, July 27th 2018

Is India’s Foreign Policy Adrift? No

The Hindu, July 6th 2018

A Turkish Sultan’s Formula

The Times of India, June 26th 2018

India is the Latest Front in Trump’s Endless Trade War

Foreign Policy, June 21st 2018

Two Nuclear Powers: A Story

The Economic Times, June 13th 2018

Battered Italy, Bruised Europe

Russia Today, June 1st 2018

India’s Favorite Modi Cannot Rule out Election Upsets

Nikkei Asian Review, May 22nd 2018

Israel, at 70, Remains a Restless Warrior

The Asian Age, May 15th 2018

Trump is Driving Xi into Modi’s Arms

Foreign Policy, April 27th 2018

Cooking with Wuhan Sauce

The Economic Times, April 25th 2018

Striking Syria: The True Face of Humanitarian Imperialism

Russia Today, April 14th 2018

New Delhi’s Delicate Dance Over Tibet

Nikkei Asian Review, April 9th 2018

The ex-KGB Spymaster Who’s Tamed the West

The Asian Age, March 20th 2018

India Belatedly Boosts Naval Competition with China

Nikkei Asian Review, March 12th 2018

Paradise Burning: Turbulent Road Ahead for the Maldives

BloombergQuint, February 12th 2018

Koreas’ Olympic Thaw

The Asian Age, February 6th 2018

Acting East on R-Day

The Times of India, January 25th 2018

Hardselling India, Changing Davos

The Economic Times, January 20th 2018

Cementing the Israel-India Bond

The Jerusalem Post, January 16th 2018

Trump Serves Pakistan Notice, Enter China?

BloombergQuint, January 8th 2018

New Global Order Takes Shape, Instability Looms

The Asian Age, January 8th 2018

More Risk-Taking by Modi and Long-Term Reforms on the Cards in 2018

Today, December 27th 2017

The Importance of Being Iran

The Asian Age, December 12th 2017

India Reaches Out to Asia’s Heartlands

Nikkei Asian Review, December 5th 2017

It’s Payback Time for the Empire

The New Indian Express, November 23rd 2017

Quad Will Help Secure Indo-Pacific Region

The Asian Age, November 14th 2017

A Jihadist Halloween in New York

The Times of India, November 2nd 2017

Comrade Dictator

The Economic Times, October 22nd 2017

Nobel Award Highlights Asia’s Nuclear Challenge

Nikkei Asian Review, October 10th 2017

American Tragedy

The Times of India, October 5th 2017

For Saudi Women, a Long Way Still to Go…

The Asian Age, October 3rd 2017

Queen of Centre

The Economic Times, September 24th 2017

The International Isolation of Donald Trump

Russia Today, September 17th 2017

A Variety of BRICS

The Economic Times, September 3rd 2017

Winning in Afghanistan: Trump’s Pipe Dream

Russia Today, August 26th 2017

Spanish Lessons

The Asian Age, August 22nd 2017

India at Seventy

The Times of India, August 15th 2017

#IndiaAt70: Our Best Lies Ahead

Republic TV, August 15th 2017

India and Japan Combine Forces to Counter China

Nikkei Asian Review, August 8th 2017

Global Studies in Indian Universities: Past Imperfect, Future Circumspect

The Future of Indian Universities, August 2017

After Nawaz

The Economic Times, July 30th 2017

China-US Ties: A Roller-Coaster Ride

The Asian Age, July 25th 2017

Victim of Power

The Economic Times, July 16th 2017

With PM Modi’s Israel Visit, India Crosses the Rubicon

The Economic Times, July 6th 2017

Why Modi Matters to Israel

The Jerusalem Post, July 4th 2017

Modi-Trump Meet Incites the Dragon

The Asian Age, July 1st 2017

Fifth-Time Tricky

The Economic Times, June 25th 2017

Panama’s Wake-Up Call for Taiwan

Nikkei Asian Review, June 15th 2017

Guts and Glory: The Modi Doctrine at Three

Republic TV, June 5th 2017

Trump’s Climate of Injustice

The Economic Times, June 4th 2017

The ISIS Mindset, and How it Must be Fought

The Asian Age, May 30th 2017

Cyberattacks Send a Wakeup Call to Asia

Nikkei Asian Review, May 23rd 2017

South Asian Satellite: A Giant Lift-Off for Regional Integration

Today, May 17th 2017

US’ Duplicity Intact…

The Asian Age, May 2nd 2017

Battle for France’s Soul

The Economic Times, April 23rd 2017

Turkey Haunted by Ghosts of the Past

Nikkei Asian Review, April 18th 2017

Russia, ISIS and Don’s Syria U-Turn

The New Indian Express, April 10th 2017

Why India is so Unhappy, and how it can Change

Today, April 4th 2017

The Road to Impunity

The Asian Age, April 4th 2017

How Asia can Reckon with Trump’s Assault on Trade

Nikkei Asian Review, March 22nd 2017

Missiles Fuel Asian Insecurity

The Straits Times, March 14th 2017

Amid the Hype, the Truth about Trump and Putin

The Asian Age, March 7th 2017

Asians Face New Reality in Intolerant America

Nikkei Asian Review, March 1st 2017

India Aims for Global Soft-Power Clout via Republic TV

Today, February 23rd 2017

Islamist Challenge Mounts in Indonesia and Bangladesh

Nikkei Asian Review, February 13th 2017

Will ‘New’ Nationalism Reverse Globalisation?

The Asian Age, February 7th 2017

Trump’s Foreign Policy Built on Personal Bigotry

Today, February 1st 2017

A New Asia Emerges

The National, January 26th 2017

Stars Align for Ambitious Asian Leaders

Nikkei Asian Review, January 18th 2017

Tap the Resources of our Diaspora

The Asian Age, January 10th 2017

Power and Peril in Asia: Prospects for Stability

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, January 2017

Breaking the Vicious Circle of Terror and Violence

The Straits Times, December 23rd 2016

How to Lead the UN

The Asian Age, December 17th 2016

China Gains Momentum in Asia and Russia in Europe

The Times of India, December 13th 2016

Trump’s Controversial Call with Taipei

Nikkei Asian Review, December 4th 2016

Nikki at UN: A Good Chance for Inclusivity

The Asian Age, November 29th 2016

South Asia Confronts Trump the Unpredictable

Nikkei Asian Review, November 11th 2016

Scary Harvest after the Trump Tsunami

The Asian Age, November 10th 2016

Duterte Shock Threatens US Asia Influence

Nikkei Asian Review, October 27th 2016

How not to get Trumped

The Asian Age, October 18th 2016

BRICS of Hope

The Economic Times, October 16th 2016

SAARC Debacle Highlights Emerging New Order in South Asia

Nikkei Asian Review, October 4th 2016

When will Trump and Hillary use the K-Word?

Foreign Policy, September 22nd 2016

In Syria, a Putin-Obama Tango

The Asian Age, September 20th 2016

Summit of Woes

The Economic Times, September 4th 2016

Modi Powers New India-US Partnership

Nikkei Asian Review, September 1st 2016

As Turkey Changes Geopolitical Course, will Syria Begin to Heal?

Russia Today, August 22nd 2016

The Dragon’s Exactions

The Asian Age, August 17th 2016

Tough Love

The Times of India, August 16th 2016

Russians and DNC emails: The Joke’s on America

The Asian Age, July 28th 2016

Dealing with the Terror Epidemic

The Straits Times, July 26th 2016

A Bastille Day of Mourning

The Times of India, July 16th 2016

Tribunal Jolt to Beijing a Shot in Arm for the Weak

The Asian Age, July 14th 2016

A New Tryst with Africa

The Hindu, July 6th 2016

A Shock for Liberals

The Asian Age, June 28th 2016

Brexit is a Slap in the Face of Liberals

The Economic Times, June 26th 2016

The Lessons of Orlando

The Straits Times, June 15th 2016

Our Racist Sins

The Asian Age, May 30th 2016

Cultural Diplomacy

The Asian Age, May 17th 2016

Transnational Links, Political Vacuum Fuel Bangladeshis’ Turn to Terrorism

The Straits Times, May 6th 2016

Fallen Comrades

The Asian Age, April 21st 2016

Extremism: Blight on Bangladesh

The Straits Times, April 12th 2016

Join Hands against Terror

The Economic Times, April 3rd 2016

Hour of Reckoning

The Times of India, March 24th 2016

Cuban Revolution

The Asian Age, March 22nd 2016

A Reset for India and Nepal

The Kathmandu Post, February 19th 2016

Primary Divisions

The Economic Times, February 7th 2016

A Tale of Two Republics

The Times of India, January 26th 2016

Republic of Inspiration

The Asian Age, January 26th 2016

Momentum Against Terror

The Economic Times, January 17th 2016

El Chapo Proves Mexico is Failing

Al Jazeera, January 10th 2016

Long Road to Peace

The Economic Times, January 3rd 2016

The World in 2016

The Asian Age, December 29th 2015

India’s Modi Comes to Russia- With Love

Russia Today, December 23rd 2015

Kyoto to Kashi

The Asian Age, December 15th 2015

The Statesman’s Gambit

The Economic Times, December 13th 2015

Green Signal

The Economic Times, December 6th 2015

Walk the Climate Talk

The Asian Age, December 1st 2015

PM Modi’s Second Time in the Land of Lee Kuan Yew

The Economic Times, November 23rd 2015

Enabling Myanmar

The Asian Age, November 17th 2015

Bonding Over Bonds

The Economic Times, November 15th 2015

Bully Runs the School

The Asian Age, November 3rd 2015

Lions on the Prowl

The Economic Times, October 25th 2015

Veneer of Democracy

The Asian Age, October 20th 2015

Creative Trilateralism in Asia

The Straits Times, October 19th 2015

The Causes of Mass Suffering: Toward a Structural Responsibility Framework

Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy, Summer 2015

Streetcar Named Greed

The Asian Age, October 6th 2015

A New Indian Century?

The Times of India, September 29th 2015

Realising ‘Inderica’

The Economic Times, September 27th 2015

New Japan, New Asia

The Straits Times, September 21st 2015

Revamp the UN to Make it Relevant

Hindustan Times, September 17th 2015

Snapshot of Our Times

The Asian Age, September 13th 2015

Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’

The Economic Times, September 4th 2015

Soft Power Outage

The Asian Age, August 28th 2015

For India, Small is Big

The Straits Times, August 21st 2015

Bridging the Gulf

The Economic Times, August 16th 2015

Fissures in Taliban Good for Kabul

The Asian Age, August 13th 2015

The Smoking Gun

The Economic Times, August 9th 2015

Facing Down Terror

The Economic Times, August 2nd 2015

The Chinese Islands

The Asian Age, July 28th 2015

A Global Bank of Our Own

The Times of India, July 23rd 2015

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Dysfunctional by Design, Shaken by Corruption

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Westward Ho!

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Al Shabaab on a Revengeful Warpath

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Making History, Inch by Inch

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Happy News from Afghanistan

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Je Suis Avijit Roy

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Myanmar Needs India

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Modi Shakes up India’s Bureaucrats

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Will they Dance to the Same Tune?

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A Promise of Change

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Global Jitters as Oil Roils

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India & the World

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Hour of Reckoning

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Book the Americans

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Old Bedfellows, but Commercially Disjointed

Today, December 15th 2014

Bread and Freedom

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Modi Holds the Answer to Boosting Dismal Trade in South Asia

Today, November 27th 2014

Stirrings of Hope

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Out of APEC, India Eyes Indo-Pacific Influence

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The Terror at Home

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The Young are Claiming the Earth

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Buy, Buy American Pie

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Star on the Yangtze

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Chinese Checkers

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America’s Allied Enemies

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The Omissions and Commissions of War

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Brothers in Arms

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Ice-Bucket Therapy

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Iraq Shows up Hypocrisy of Big Powers

Today, August 21st 2014

Indo-US Reunion

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Jihad Goes Global

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Deadlock at the WTO

Today, August 4th 2014

Children of Conflict

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China Keeps Cautious Eye on Neighbours’ Naval Exercise

Today, July 25th 2014

Terror in the Sky

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Brave New BRICS a Challenge to International System

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Island of Fear

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Diplomatic Somersaults in Northeast Asia

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Spiritual Diplomacy

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Caught in the Crossfire

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Is Barack Obama a Wimp? Conservatives Ask

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US-Iran to the Rescue?

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Dealing with the Taliban

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Pakistan Shoots its Messenger

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Don’t Cry for Uncle Sam

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Modi-fying India

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Overhaul for the Long Haul

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Can ASEAN Unite for Security?

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South China Sea Clash: Asia’s Dangerous Game

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Under the Dragon’s Heel

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Modi Doctrine: Elixir of Indian Foreign Policy

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The Magic of Márquez

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Packaged Deal

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A Vote for Afghanistan

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I Tweet, Therefore I Am

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Checkmating the West

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A Tale of Two Elections

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The Economic Times, March 16th 2014

Chinese Cheat Code

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East-West Fault Lines

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Friends, Enemies and Frenemies

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2014, Learn from 1914

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Putin’s Pride, West’s Spite

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Silencing the Reformer

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South Korea Calling India

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US’ Deadly Delusions

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Democracy at Risk in Bangladesh

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Security Manifesto

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Democracy vs. Elections in Bangladesh and Thailand

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Salesman David Cameron Makes up to China

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Touted Deal of the Century

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Stalling the Road to Democracy

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Why India’s Mars Mission is About More than Power and Prestige

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Road to Endless War

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Where the Mind is with Fear

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A New Power Triangle

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The International Controversy Court: Why its Selective Justice is Failing Africa and the World

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Join the Asean Way

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Watery Graves

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Living with Cyber Insecurity

Seminar, October 2013

Snowden Fallout: India’s Meow, Brazil’s Roar

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Fear Trumps Hope

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Divided Republic: A Rebellion for Turkey’s Soul

Russia Today, September 15th 2013

The Election Impact

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Silencing Afghanistan’s Future

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G20 Verdict: US has Little Global Support for Syria Strike

Russia Today, September 7th 2013

G20, Fix the Financial Fault Lines

The Economic Times, September 5th 2013

Challenging US Dollar: BRICS Down but not Out

Russia Today, August 28th 2013

Swatting Flies, Coddling Tigers

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Chenab Valley on Fire

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It’s a Force Multiplier

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Democracy, Diversity and the India Story

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Delhi to Islamabad, via Kabul

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True Travesty

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Back to the Future

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Uncle Joe in Town

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The Buddha Wept

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Bhutan’s Voters Rethink India Ties

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A Blow to Democracy

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The Roots of Social Rebellion? Social Movements

Foreign Policy in Focus, July 3, 2013

Guns and Games

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Mr. Kerry Comes Calling

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The Private Eye

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And the Winner is Khamenei

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Muslim vs Muslim in Middle East

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Payback for Colonial Sins

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Light on Cheats

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A Tryst with Japan

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Silk Route Redux

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A Last Dance with Kenneth Waltz

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Guatemala Exhales!

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Bottom-Up Welfare is the Only Way

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The Limits to Change

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The Games Israel Plays

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Ingress into Ladakh

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Sunset for America

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Blue Berets Keep Calm

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The Power of Humility

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Cyber War & Global Order

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Wild Card Re-Entry

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A Wall of Brics…

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A Messy War with no Victors

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Seduced by the Gun

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Chavismo without Chavez

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The Bangladesh Opportunity

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The Budget Scissors

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Across the Blood-Red Skies

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As Cameron Comes Calling

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The Politics of Justice

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Facing the Cyber Dragon

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Matinee Politics

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Jamboree of the Elite

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Pakistan in Crisis

The Statesman, January 22nd 2013

Barack Obama 2.0

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Media Stirs Hornet’s Nest in Guangzhou

Asia Times, January 11th 2013

Clear the Smokescreen

Hindustan Times, January 5th 2013

2013, Through the Crystal Ball

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Rising Softly, with Intent

The Asian Age, January 1st 2013

Spiritual Booze

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Deadly Derangements

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Trade Bloc Blues

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Predator or Angel?

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Revolution in a Tailspin

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Supping with the Devil

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It’s Time to Make Up for Lost Ground

Hindustan Times, November 12th 2012

Obama’s Second Coming

The Economic Times, November 8th 2012

Of Election & Selection

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Common Humanity the Basis for Resolution to Ethnic Clash

South China Morning Post, November 1st 2012

Saudi Gift Horse to India

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Revolt of the Regions

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UK has a Change of Heart, Hits ‘Like’ Button for Modi

The Times of India, October 14th 2012

The Business of Elections

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A Virtual Universe

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Time to Make a Sea Change in Policies

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Other Side of Growth

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Banking Knights and Knaves

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A Talk with Mr. Abbas

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A Clash of Fundamentalisms

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Is China Going Back to Dengism?

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The Answer is Local

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Who NAM I?

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This Column is not Plagiarised

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Independence 2.0

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The Inedible Olympic Cake

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Iran will not Cave in

Hindustan Times, August 2nd 2012

Industrial Democracy?

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The Lumbering Brics

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With Allies Like These…

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Warring on Aviation

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Belling the Fat Cats

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Can’t Kill the Arab Spring

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Indignant Indignity

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A Summit for Confidence

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Hope Springs in Valley

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Nato: Axis of Drift

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Read all the Signs, Wait it out on Iran

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A Ulysses Moment for US Finance

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Crouching Lawyer, Sullen Dragon

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Obama Wins Politics of Terror

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Osama’s Shadow Falls Eastward

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Good Nukes, Bad Nukes

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Blessed are the Peacemakers

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India can no Longer be at Sea

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The Spy who Sold his Cause

The Asian Age, April 6th 2012

Economic Churning Spurs Chinese ‘Coup’

Asia Times, March 29th 2012

Needed: Brics with Mortar

The Economic Times, March 21st 2012

Time for Tough Love

Hindustan Times, March 16th, 2012

Kony Games

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To Women, with Love, from Africa

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The New Left of the Internet Era

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Trade for Security

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The Politics of Charity

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Some House Rules

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Tibet and Xi who must be Obeyed

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Russia gets Bad Rap over Syria

The Moscow Times, February 9th 2012

Maldives Seeks a Lifebuoy

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Webbed to the Cause

Hindustan Times, February 2nd 2012

Samba Lessons for India

The Economic Times, January 27th 2012

Iranian Oil Poses Asian Dilemma

Asia Times, January 25th 2012

Less Shock, More Awe

Hindustan Times, January 13th 2012

The Rise of Al Qaeda’s Franchises

Asia Times, January 6th 2012

Lion Slayers of the Arab World

The Times of India, January 1st 2012

11 Global Trends that Defined 2011

The Economic Times, December 25th 2011

Putin Face People’s Power

The Times of India, December 15th 2011

No more Mr. Fall Guy

Hindustan Times, December 14th 2011

From Oz with Love

The Economic Times, December 10th 2011

Dead Heat Election Raises Taiwan Stakes

Asia Times, December 3rd 2011

In on the Ground Floor

Hindustan Times, November 25th 2011

Tiger in the Dragon’s Yard

Asia Times, November 18th 2011

MF Global and the Global Funk

The Economic Times, November 10th 2011

Back ‘to each his own’

Hindustan Times, November 2nd 2011

After Gaddafi, Whither Libya?

The Economic Times, October 22nd 2011

India Holds Gandhi Card for Tahrir Square

Asia Times, October 19th 2011

The Soul Man

Hindustan Times, October 13th 2011

Striking a Financial Balance

The Economic Times, October 6th 2011

No BRICS Rescue for the Eurozone

Asia Sentinel, September 26th 2011

BRICS and the Limits of Interdependence

The Financial Express, September 23rd 2011

Kowtow Diplomacy: How Today’s America Resembles Imperial China

The Globalist, September 12th 2011

For a ‘Zero Problems’ South Asia

The Economic Times, September 6th 2011

Southeast Asia: Navigating Between China and America

The Globalist, September 5th 2011

Apple and the Art of Business

Asia Times, August 31st 2011

Class Muddles India’s Anti-Graft Push

Asia Times, August 24th 2011

Dragon Tries to Slay US Military

Asia Times, August 16th 2011

When Leaders go AWOL

The Economic Times, August 7th 2011

How Murdoch Worsened Obama’s Ordeal

The Financial Express, August 2nd 2011

US Opens Regional Trade Gambit in Asia

Asia Times, July 30th 2011

Mumbai Terror’s Pakistani Trail

The Globalist, July 18th 2011

India’s Bystander Diplomacy

The Economic Times, July 15th 2011

Is Israeli Smart Power for Real?

Asia Times, July 13th 2011

The Party Begins at 90

The Tribune, July 1st 2011

European Harakiri in Libya

Asia Times, June 28th 2011

Banking Sans Scruples

The Economic Times, June 24th 2011

India Inches toward Shanghai

Asia Times, June 20th 2011

Minority Cloud Looms over Arab Summer

Asia Times, June 13th 2011

New Star Steers Tibetan Transition

Asia Times, June 2nd 2011

Safari with the People

The Economic Times, May 24th 2011

Talking Without the Elephant

Asia Times, May 16th 2011

Land of Japain

The Financial Express, May 11th 2011

The Mastermind’s Afterlife

The Economic Times, May 6th 2011

India’s ‘Power’ Attributes

Handbook of India’s International Relations, May 2011

India and the United Nations

Handbook of India’s International Relations, May 2011

G-20 with Teeth?

The Financial Express, April 27th 2011

Undemocratic Bailouts

The Financial Express, April 13th 2011

Cricket Win Stirs Indian Renaissance

Asia Times, April 5th 2011

Guessing Game Libya

The Financial Express, March 29th 2011

War Stalks Revolution in Middle East

Asia Times, March 22nd 2011

Georgia has Key to Russia’s WTO Seat

The Financial Express, March 16th 2011

Jasmine in a China Shop

The Financial Express, March 3rd 2011

The Spies who got it Wrong

Asia Times, February 19th 2011

Scramble for Mozambique Coal

The Financial Express, February 15th 2011

The Dictator’s Ticking Clock

The Financial Express, February 1st 2011

Long Live BRIC, Welcome MIST

Asia Times, January 26th 2011

Colour me China, Says Europe

The Financial Express, January 18th 2011

China Makes Russian Calculations

The Financial Express, January 4th 2011

Rare Earth Shock

The Financial Express, December 28th 2010

Europe Gets Waylaid

The Financial Express, December 9th 2010

The Man Who Knows Too Much

Asia Times, December 3rd 2010

Mother of all Preferential Trade Zones

The Financial Express, November 26th 2010

Endgame for Afghanistan

Yale Global, November 17th 2010

A Friend in Need…

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Centrifugal Forces Shape Taiwan’s Democracy

Asia Times, November 6th 2010

Beijing Bullies, Mumbai Entices

The Financial Express, October 28th 2010

Brazil Ups the Ante

The Financial Express, October 14th 2010

Nobel Committee Faces Down the Dragon

Asia Times, October 6th 2010

Dragonomics Rolls On

The Financial Express, October 1st 2010

A Test for Obama’s Middle East Neutrality

Asia Times, September 24th 2010

A Clean Energy Meltdown

The Financial Express, September 17th 2010

Board Games

The Financial Express, September 8th 2010

Underwater Treasure Hunt

The Financial Express, September 3rd 2010

Occupation Politics Stymie Afghanistan

Asia Times, August 31st 2010

A Time for Unrest

The Financial Express, August 30th 2010

Mosque in Manhattan

The Financial Express, August 20th 2010

Climate of Inaction

The Financial Express, August 13th 2010

Closed Books in China

Asia Times, August 10th 2010

Sour BlackBerries

The Financial Express, August 5th 2010

Why Was Indian Civil Society Mute?

The Tribune, August 2nd 2010

Go Forth and Multiply?

The Financial Express, July 29th 2010

China Turns On Demand Power

Asia Times, July 24th 2010

Placebo Reform?

The Financial Express, July 21st 2010

Siren Song from China

The Financial Express, July 16th 2010

Oops, I Tweeted Again

Asia Times, July 13th 2010

Spy Story Reloaded

The Financial Express, July 9th 2010

China Unification by Integration

Asia Times, July 3rd 2010

India Scores Bio-Piracy Victory

Asia Times, June 29th 2010

Coordination Blues

The Financial Express, June 25th 2010

Oil Slick Without End

The Financial Express, June 18th 2010

Byzantine Bureaucracy

The Financial Express, June 10th 2010

Rebalancing China’s Economy

The Financial Express, June 4th 2010

Diplomatic Activism

The Tribune, June 1st 2010

Angry Koreas, Nervous World

The Financial Express, May 28th 2010

Diplomacy Falls on Deaf Ears

Asia Times, May 28th 2010

More than a Quaint Relic

The Financial Express, May 21st 2010

Argumentative Chinese Step Forward

Asia Times, May 18th 2010

India in a Globalised World

Geopolitics, May 2010

Trans-Atlantic Rescue

The Financial Express, May 13th 2010

A Pressing Matter

The Financial Express, May 7th 2010

Knives Sink into Goldman

The Financial Express, April 29th 2010

C is Big in Bric

The Financial Express, April 23rd 2010

UK Faces an Uncertain Tide

The Financial Express, April 16th 2010

Sleepless in Bangkok

The Financial Express, April 9th 2010

Moscow Takes a Hit

The Financial Express, April 1st 2010

Politics of Extinction

The Financial Express, March 26th 2010

Chinese Chutzpah

The Financial Express, March 19th 2010

Automobiles, Fruits and Sunglasses

The Financial Express, March 12th 2010

What India should do in Afghanistan

The Financial Express, March 3rd 2010

Goldman Sachs Garage-Sold Greece

The Financial Express, February 25th 2010

India and Iran in the Obama Era

The Globalist, February 22nd 2010

Aiding Soft Power

The Financial Express, February 17th 2010

Just Disband the Obsolete G-7

The Financial Express, February 10th 2010

BJP Turns a Corner in Mumbai

The Financial Express, February 3rd 2010

Guidebook of the Nation

The Financial Express, January 26th 2010

Iranian Elephant in the Iraqi Room

Asia Times, January 23rd 2010

A Bold Gauntlet

The Financial Express, January 20th 2010

Iceland, Frozen

The Financial Express, January 12th 2010

Free Trading Asia

The Financial Express, January 6th 2010

Basics Matter

The Financial Express, December 31st 2009

Banana Politics

The Financial Express, December 25th 2009

UN’s Afghan Mission Takes a Hit

Asia Times, December 19th 2009

The wall Around Wall Street

The Financial Express, December 15th 2009

India Caught in a Terror Tangle

Asia Times, December 11th 2009

War and Peace on the Greens

The Financial Express, December 10th 2009

Bhopal, Chernobyl, Lop Nor

The Financial Express, December 3rd 2009

How Governments Scored on Swine Flu

The Financial Express, November 27th 2009

No Leader, No Deal

The Financial Express, November 19th 2009

Chicken, Steel and Tyre Politics

The Financial Express, November 13th 2009

Today’s India and Yesterday’s Indira

The Financial Express, November 3rd 2009

Bellicose in Baghdad

The Financial Express, October 27th 2009

How to Hedge against the Rajaratnams

The Financial Express, October 20th 2009

Peace of a Puzzle

The Financial Express, October 13th 2009

Blame it on Chicago

The Financial Express, October 6th 2009

India and China Profess Brotherhood

Asia Times, October 2nd 2009

What’s left Now for Global Left?

The Financial Express, September 29th 2009

Everybody Loves a Good Fête

The Financial Express, September 23rd 2009

9/15: The War is not Over

The Financial Express, September 15th 2009

Netanyahu Plays a Russian Rope Trick

Asia Times, September 15th 2009

Geoeconomics and a Libyan Bomber

The Financial Express, September 11th 2009

Wilted Lotus, Can it Bloom Again?

The Financial Express, August 31st 2009

More Banana Republic

The Financial Express, August 25th 2009

Wary India Frisks North Korean Freighter

Asia Times, August 21st 2009

Jamie is a Good Boy, but Rest of the Class?

The Financial Express, August 18th 2009

The Barricade Brigade

The Financial Express, August 13th 2009

Swiss Bank Account Holder? Shame

The Financial Express, August 7th 2009

Iran, US do a ‘War on Terror’ Somersault

Asia Times, August 1st 2009

Xinjiang Riots Confound Islamists

Asia Times, July 29th 2009

India’s Climate Change Impasse

Opinion Asia, July 23rd 2009

Learn to Mix Oil & People

The Financial Express, July 22nd 2009

Australia Lands in Chinese Soup

Asia Times, July 14th 2009

Death Becomes Us

The Financial Express, July 9th 2009

Inside China’s Unquiet West

Asia Times, July 8th 2009

A UN Crapshoot in Pakistan

Asia Times, July 4th 2009

Maya Does as Mao Did

The Financial Express, July 2nd 2009

China Creates an Internet Albatross

Asia Times, July 1st 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: The United States Institute of Peace

International Journal of Peace Studies, Summer 2009

Who Will be CPM’s Khruschev?

The Financial Express, June 25th 2009

Sino-Indian Rivalry and Asian Stability

The Globalist, June 22nd 2009

Pro-Incumbency, Iranian Style

The Financial Express, June 16th 2009

Money Can’t Bridge this Gulf

The Financial Express, June 12th 2009

Circling the Tiananmen Square

The Financial Express, June 4th 2009

Dumping Waste, Courting Trouble

The Financial Express, May 27th 2009

Prabhakaran’s Ghost Threatens to Haunt Sri Lanka

Opinion Asia, May 20th 2009

Sticking to the Centre

The Financial Express, May 19th 2009

Unequal Equals: Angola and China

World Affairs, May 2009

A Difficult 100 Days

The Financial Express, May 2nd 2009

Mental Slaves

The Statesman, April 23rd 2009

A Short Step in the March to Justice

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A Tech-Savvy Rebellion in Thailand

Asia Times, April 17th 2009

The War on Women in Afghanistan

Opinion Asia, April 13th 2009

Dollar and More

The Financial Express, April 7th 2009

The Collateral Crisis

The Financial Express, March 27th 2009

Divided We Will Fall

The Financial Express, March 13th 2009

Gandhi’s Glasses and a Rabbit’s Head

Asia Times, March 6th 2009

Power Play Behind Bangladesh’s Mutiny

Asia Times, March 3rd 2009

Conspiracies’ Cloud India’s Terror Probe

Asia Times, February 26th 2009

Transforming India-Pakistan Relations

The Globalist, February 24th 2009

Home Safe Home

The Financial Express, February 21st 2009

Obama Sparks US Image Makeover

Asia Times, February 11th 2009

Protect Capitalism, Not Trade

The Financial Express, February 7th 2009

Crisis and the Average Jane

The Financial Express, January 31st 2009

Under Obama: Uncle Sam, Honest Broker?

Opinion Asia, January 25th 2009

China’s Horrible 2008

The Globalist, January 20th 2009

Strong-Arm Tactics

The Financial Express, January 13th 2009

A High Cost for More Feet on the Ground

Asia Times, January 8th 2009

Through the Looking Glass

The Financial Express, January 5th 2009

When Odd States Normalise

The Financial Express, December 24th 2008

The Global Scientific Race

The International Indian, December 2008

A Peek into Iran’s Nuclear Pandora’s Box

Asia Times, December 17th 2008

A Novel Way to Tackle Pakistan

Asia Times, December 16th 2008

Gaza Blockade: Slivers in the Holy Land

Opinion Asia, December 11th 2008

India: Great Power or Not?

The Globalist, December 9th 2008

For a Community-Led Role in Counter-Terrorism

The Hindu, November 30th 2008

Indian Navy Comes of Age

The Hindu, November 21st 2008

Politics of Polarisation

The Hindu, November 12th 2008

Nationalism from Afar

The International Indian, October 2008

The Rise (and Fall?) of Petro-States

The Hindu, October 30th 2008

On the Trail in America: Waiting for Obama

Opinion Asia, October 16th 2008

Tinsel Politics Return in India

Asia Times, September 19th 2008

Righting Historical Wrongs: The Global Politics of Apologies

The Globalist, September 15th 2008

Civilians Caught in Sri Lanka’s ‘Clean War’

Asia Times, September 11th 2008

Cooperation with Discord

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